Examining Your Faith

Daily Bible Reading – 1 Samuel 14; 1 Chronicles 4; 2 Corinthians 13

Today’s Key Passage – 2 Corinthians 13:5-14

Human beings are a naturally curious species.  Along with this curiosity comes a tendency to examine many different things during the course of our lives.  We examine our checkbooks regularly to make sure the balance is correct and to see where we are spending our money.  We take our automobiles to service centers periodically to get inspected to make sure there are no serious mechanical issues.  We go to the doctor for a physical to find out if we have any health issues.  When our children bring home a report card, we examine the grades to see where strengths and opportunities exist.  There are literally countless things that we choose to examine.  In today’s key passage, the apostle Paul mentions another thing we should spend time examining – our faith (Vs. 5)

So what does this look like?  How can we examine ourselves to see if we are really following Christ?  The first sign to look for is growth.  When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and He begins living inside of us, He starts making changes.  As my pastor likes to say, He starts “moving around the furniture”.  In this process of sanctification, we become more like Christ.  When we look at our faith today, we should be able to see that those changes are constantly occurring.  We should see motion in our faith as we grow in Christ.  If we are not maturing as Christians, then we must try to figure out what is going on.  The bottom line is that there are really only two options for how we are living – we are either growing closer to God or we are turning farther away from Him.  There is no middle ground.

When we look at ourselves honestly to determine if we are practicing what we preach, we can help keep ourselves on track and can quickly discover any wrong thinking or unintentional sin.  Keep in mind, though, that we cannot truly examine our own faith in a vacuum.  We should seek council from other believers who know us and love us to help us in our examination.  Even more importantly, we should seek God’s help in examining our faith.  We should ask God to point out the things in us that He wants to change.  Then we should have faith in Him to make us the people He wants us to be.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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