Against All Odds

Daily Bible Reading – Jeremiah 31, 32; 1 John 4

Today’s Key Passage – Jeremiah 32:1-27


The odds of winning the main lottery jackpot in Texas are roughly 25 million to one.  Despite this fact, millions of people spend their hard-earned money each week on tickets.  It is not that people do not know the odds.  In fact, they are readily available on the Internet and are even printed on the back of each ticket.  When people choose to play the lottery, it is because they are betting against all of the odds that they might win.

The people of Judah were facing some difficult odds.  The prophet Jeremiah was in prison for speaking out against the sins of Judah, and the Babylonian armies had Jerusalem surrounded. (Vs. 2)  All signs were pointing to Judah’s predicted fall.  That is when the Lord spoke to Jeremiah and told him that one of his cousins was coming to ask him to buy a piece of land. (Vs. 7)  Although enemy soldiers already occupied the land in question, God told Jeremiah to make the purchase from his cousin.  Even though all of the facts at the time said the land was worthless, Jeremiah went against all of the odds and obeyed God.  He did not necessarily understand God’s request (Vs. 25), but he trusted God when He said, “houses, fields, and vineyards will again be bought in this land”. (Vs. 15)

There are many times in this life when the odds may seem to be stacked against us, and it is in these times when God asks us to step out in faith and trust in His promises.  In those times, our human minds might want to focus on the dismal facts at hand.  We can all choose, however, to go against the odds.  We can choose to bet on God to do the impossible as we remember his encouraging words to Jeremiah: “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” (Vs. 27)  Even when things seem desperate, God can always find a way.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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  1. Planting Potatoes

    seems the against all odds theme runs through just about every story we read about in God’s word…..seems if we accept Christ, we do so against all odds that the world places on faith.

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