Becoming an Ebed-Melech

Daily Bible Reading – Jeremiah 37-39; Psalm 79; 2 John

Today’s Key Passage – Jeremiah 38:1-13


In today’s key passage, we find another of the lesser-known heroes of the Bible.  The prophet Jeremiah was very unpopular in his day, and our story begins with him being thrown into a cistern by some of the king’s officials. (Vs. 6)  Jeremiah was stuck in the mud at the bottom of the cistern, and would surely die without intervention.  Ebed-Melech, whose name literally translates to “servant of the king”, was an official in the royal palace.  When he heard what happened to Jeremiah, he faced a dilemma.  Because of his faith in God, He realized that the murder plot was wrong and wanted to come to Jeremiah’s aid, but speaking out in Jeremiah’s defense could have been dangerous and could have caused him to face his own persecution.  Fortunately for Jeremiah, Ebed-Melech’s fear of God was greater than his fear of people, so without hesitation he went to the king of Judah to plead Jeremiah’s case. (Vss. 8-9)  With the king’s blessing, Ebed-Melech took thirty of the kings men and saved Jeremiah from his certain death. (Vss. 11-13)

The dilemma faced by Ebed-Melech is one that is still common today.  For example, when we see someone treated badly, we can choose to go along with the crowd or we can choose to stand up for them with love.  Anytime we see an injustice in this world, we will likely face the decision between the fear of man and the fear of God.  As followers of Christ, the fear of God must always win this battle in our hearts and in our minds.  We can all become an “Ebed-Melech” for others, helping them in their times of need.  When we do, we can demonstrate God’s amazing love for us by loving other people, and we can truly be a servant to the King of Kings.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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  1. What a great passage of encouragement!! My prayer is for the example of Ebed-Melech boldness on behalf of Jemimah, to stir our hearts today to stand in the gap for each other!! amen.

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