The King Will Return

Daily Bible Reading – Genesis 47,48; Psalm 10; Luke 19

Today’s Key Passage – Luke 19:11-27


As Jesus was preparing to enter Jerusalem, He knew that many of His followers were expecting Him to become an earthly King and begin his reign right away.  He knew that many of these followers believed that He would save them from their oppression.  He also knew that in a matter of days many of these people that seemed so willing to follow Him would turn on Him and want Him to be executed.  Though most of the people in the crowd were unable to discern it at the time, the parable in today’s key passage clearly showed that his kingdom would not take on this earthly form immediately.  Jesus, the man of noble birth, would go away for a while to become King (when He went to Heaven).  Before He left, He would call his servants to Him and give them gifts (time, money, and talents) that they should put to use to advance the Kingdom.  Later, Jesus would return in all His glory to reign over His Kingdom.  When He returned, he would ask his servants for an accounting of all of the gifts He had given them.  He would expect that His gifts would be returned to Him with interest as He expected them to be put to good use.  The first servant and the second servant took their gifts, used them properly, and multiplied them for the benefit of the Kingdom.  To these servants Jesus response would be, “well done, my good servant”.  The third servant, though, feared Jesus.  He felt he was a hard man who did not reap what He sowed, so he did not use his gifts for the betterment of the Kingdom.  Instead, he took the gifts he was given and stored them away in a safe place so that he could return the gifts to his King.  Jesus was so unhappy with how this servant used his gifts, that He took everything away from the servant, and all of the other people who did not want Him to be King were put to death.

Jesus message to us has always been a straightforward one.  He has given each of us gifts – be it time, money, talent, or a combination of the three.  Jesus expects us to put these gifts to work.  How are you using His gifts?  Are you using them to advance His Kingdom, or are you squandering them on things of this world or storing them away?  We can be certain of a few things in life.  First, we can be certain that Jesus is the King.  He will rule over everything and everyone.  We can be certain that He will return one day.  We can be certain that the people who have chosen not to follow Him will be thrown into the fire, and we can be certain that He will ask us to account for the gifts He has given us.  What is left in question, however, is what His response will be to each of us individually.  Stop today and think about how He will respond to you on the day of His return, then put His gifts to use, and advance His Kingdom here on Earth.  When we do, we can all wait for the day when He says, “well done, my good servant”.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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