Someone Is Always Watching

Daily Bible Reading – Exodus 1,2; Psalm 88; Luke 21

Today’s Key Passage – Exodus 2:11-15


For many years, I have worked as an investigator.  Part of my job has been sitting down and interrogating people who had stolen things from their employers.  In this role, I spend most days talking to people who have made mistakes and done things they should not have done, and one of my goals is always to determine why they did what they did.  Time and time again, during the course of our conversations people eventually tell me the truth of why they had taken the wrong path, and time and time again it comes down to opportunity.  More often than not, people chose to steal or break other laws because they do not think they will be caught.  They believe that no one is watching their actions, and that they can get away with doing the wrong things.  Typically, there are many other things going on in their lives that drive them to the point of theft such as money problems, drug abuse, or peer pressure, but if they thought anyone was watching they never would have taken such drastic actions.

For most people, when the temptation to do wrong arises so does the question of whether or not they will get caught.  Whether it is breaking man’s law or God’s law, we can often feel tempted to go down the wrong path if we believe no one is watching.  In today’s key passage, Moses no doubt knew that killing a man was wrong.  He must have known that God did not condone murder.  Yet, when he looked around and did not see anyone watching him, he proceeded with his actions.  As it turned out, someone was watching him and his evil deed eventually caught up with him.  This is usually the way it works.  The fact is, someone is always watching what we do.  Sometimes that someone is a person.  In some cases, it might be a casual observer that accidentally witnesses our wrong actions.   In other cases, it might be a friend or family member who is simply watching our everyday actions to see how we live as followers of Christ.  Even if no other person is watching us, God is always there watching what we do.  There is no way to hide from Him because, fortunately, He never leaves us.  He lives inside of each of us, and therefore is always there to see us in our triumphs and our failures.  The fact that God is always with us is a comfort to us during the trials and tribulations we all face, and it can be a driving factor in helping us avoid the temptation to sin.  When faced with temptation, even if you think that no other person is watching you, remember that God can see you in that moment.  Remember that one day you will be face to face with Him and will have to account for your actions.  While it is true that we are not saved by our actions (it is God’s grace alone that saves us), when we obey God’s word and resist the temptations to sin, we demonstrate our love for Him.  If we had a camera crew following us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week broadcasting all of our actions to the world, most of us would likely be on our best behavior, so why not act the same way knowing that all of our actions are seen by God?  When faced with temptations, remember that God expects us to obey Him, and remember that someone is always watching.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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