God Leads the Way

Daily Bible Reading – Exodus 12,13; Psalm 21; Acts 1

Today’s Key Passage – Exodus 13:17-22


After spending 430 years in Egypt, the Israelites were finally going to the Promised Land.  They had spent years praying for this day and waiting for the time when God would lead them to the land He had promised them.  During their stay in Egypt, they were treated harshly, but the Lord never left them.  We can learn a lot about God from today’s reading and our key passage.  First, we learn about God’s timing.  While 430 years seems like a long time to have to wait for God in human terms, in God’s terms these 430 years are like the blink of an eye.  God’s timing, not ours, determines when He will act.  He always chooses the exact perfect time to put His plans into motion.  While we might sometimes be tempted to “jump the gun” and act impulsively, we must learn to wait for God’s perfect timing before we move forward.

The second thing we learn is that God did not lead the people using the shortest possible route.  He could have taken them on the road through the Philistine country, which was a shorter route to go, but He chose not to because God knew that if they faced opposition on that road they might return back to Egypt.  Instead, He led them down the desert road toward the Red Sea.  When God leads us, He may not always choose the path we would have normally taken ourselves.  God knows the outcome of all future events, so His sense of direction may not always be the same as ours.  When it seems like God is leading us down a much longer path than is available, we need to realize that God has chosen that path for a reason.  We do not have the ability to know what obstacles God is helping us avoid by using His path, and we do not know what we might find along His path that will be very useful to us.  The Israelites did not know it yet, but going the route toward the Red Sea was going to be crucial to their journey out of Egypt.  If they had not taken that route, God would not have been able to use the Red Sea as He ultimately intended.

Finally, we learn that God was actively leading the Israelites, just as He can actively lead us.  With the Israelites, God used pillars of cloud during the day and pillars of fire at night to show them which way to go.  With us, God uses His Scriptures and His Holy Spirit to guide us and direct us in life.  The Israelites could have chosen not to follow God by ignoring the pillars of cloud and fire and simply going their own way, but they would have been foolish to do so.  Likewise, we can each choose not to follow God by ignoring the Bible and the Holy Spirit, but we would also be foolish to do so.  God uses His tools to lead us, and those tools will always be there for us and will never leave us.  We simply have to remember to follow.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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