The Proper Response to Correction

Daily Bible Reading – Exodus 30-32; Acts 8

Today’s Key Passage – Acts 8:9-25


In the days of the early church, sorcerers and magicians were everywhere, and Simon was one of these sorcerers.  Upon hearing Philip preaching the good news about Jesus Christ, many of the people who had been following Simon came to Christ instead, and Simon himself believed and was baptized.  When Simon saw the power of the Holy Spirit, he offered Peter money to try to buy the gifts that the Holy Spirit allowed Peter to have.  There is no doubt that Simon’s actions were sinful.  Instead of focusing on the only true path to God and the only way to receive His power (repentance from sin and turning to God for forgiveness), Simon thought he could take the easy road and just buy his way in.  When Peter heard the sinfulness from Simon (a fellow believer), he immediately and harshly called him on it.  He corrected Simon as we are sometimes called to correct other believers who are sinning.  Simon could have responded to this correction in a number of ways, but the route he took can teach us a lot about responding to correction.  Simon asked Peter to pray for him.

If you are a believer in Christ surrounded by other believers who genuinely care about you, there will likely come a time when one of your friends might offer you a correction if you are getting off the path of righteousness.  It is easy as Christians to do something that might not seem to us at first to be sinful, but to others it is.  In these times, a fellow believer may attempt to correct your behavior and show you where you got off track, and our response to this correction can be tricky.  Most people do not like being told they are wrong, so the initial response to a gentle correction by another believer can often be a combination of anger, embarrassment, hurt, or defensiveness, particularly when we might not immediately see our own error.  Pride can be blinding and we can easily close our hearts and our minds to the possibility that we might be wrong in our thinking.  When another believer comes to us in love, though, we must listen to the correction with an open mind and an open heart.  Our immediate response to correction should be one of repentance.  We should also ask for forgiveness – first from God and then from our friend or anyone else who may have been hurt by our actions if that applies.  Finally, we should take a page from Simon’s book and ask our friend to pray with us and for us.  When we learn from this lesson and can react as Simon did when facing correction, we can avoid allowing our own pride to compound our sinfulness even further.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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