No Other Gospel

Daily Bible Reading – Deuteronomy 13-15; Galatians 1

Today’s Key Passage – Galatians 1:6-24

During Paul’s first missionary trip, he visited several cities in Galatia (which is now Turkey).  Upon his return from that trip, he found out that a group of Jewish Christians (called Judaizers) visited these cities in Galatia and tried to convince the people there that Paul’s teaching was incorrect.  According to the Judaizers, a Gentile first needed to become a Jew before he could become a Christian.  Paul preached the true Gospel and told the Gentiles that they were saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  The Judaizers, on the other hand, preached that all of the Old Testament laws (circumcision, dietary restrictions, etc.) must be followed by Gentiles before they could be saved.  These two competing messages caused a lot of confusion for the new believers in the early Galatian churches, so Paul wrote them a letter (the Book of Galatians) to try to clarify the matter for them.

Our key verse today comes from the first chapter in Galatians.  In it, Paul tells the people of Galatia that he is shocked to see that they have been misled so easily by the Judaizers.  He explains that the Gospel he preached to them was the real Gospel, and that anyone else who told them anything different was lying and should be condemned.  How do we know that Paul’s Gospel was the truth?  Because it came directly from the source.  Paul explains that his Gospel did not come from men – he received it directly by a revelation from Jesus Christ.  Did you ever play that game as a child in which one person whispers a sentence into someone’s ear, who then whispers it into another person’s ear?  The sentence is continually passed in this fashion from person to person until eventually it makes its way back to the original person.  Do you remember how the message at the end was always completely different from the message in the beginning?  Do you also remember that the first person who was told the message was usually the most accurate?  We know that the Gospel as presented in the Bible is true because it comes from people who had first-hand knowledge.  The Gospel in the Bible was given to men like Matthew, Peter, John, and Paul directly from Jesus Christ himself.  There cannot be a more accurate depiction than the one that comes from the people who heard it directly from the Master.

Sadly, today there are still people who preach false Gospels.  Some people do it intentionally in an effort to make money, and other people are simply misguided.  There are people who claim that we need to “do” something to be saved, but the reality is that Jesus has already done everything that needed to be done.  His death on the cross was enough to save us, and nothing we can do will add to that in the eyes of God.  Just like the early Christians, we must still be cautious to avoid being misled by people preaching a false message.  Our greatest tool in avoiding false Gospels is the Bible itself.  When you hear someone talking about a new idea, all we have to do is compare what the person is saying with what the Bible says.  If the preacher conflicts with the Bible, we know what he says is false.  If the preacher makes it more about him than about Christ, we know what he says is false.  Guard your heart against false teaching, and always remember that there is no other Gospel other than the one in the Bible, and there is no other way to be saved than through faith in Jesus Christ.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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