Choosing Between Two Masters

Daily Bible Reading – 1 Kings 10,11; 2 Chronicles 9, Romans 6

Today’s Key Passage – Romans 6:15-23


I read a story today from John Kenneth Galbraith’s autobiography, A Life in Our Times, about the devotion of his family’s housekeeper Emily Gloria Wilson.  On one particular afternoon, Mr. Galbraith told Ms. Wilson to hold all of his calls while he took a nap.  During his nap, President Lyndon Johnson called and asked to speak to Mr. Galbraith.  Ms. Wilson explained to the President that Mr. Galbraith was sleeping and asked not to be disturbed, but the President insisted that she wake him.  To this, she responded, “No, Mr. President.  I work for him, not you.”  Ms. Wilson had a choice in who her master was going to be.  She could choose to work for Mr. Galbraith or she could choose to work for the President, but she knew that she could not do both at the same time.  She had to make a choice, and once she did there was nothing that would get her to change her direction.

In today’s key passage, the Apostle Paul talks about choosing your master.  See, all of us have a master whether we know it or not.  Each of us has a choice to make in life – we can either be a slave to sin or we can be a slave to righteousness.  We can choose to make God our master or we can choose to make sin our master.  Moreover, while we are free to make our own choice between these two masters, we are not free to change the consequences of our choice.  If we choose sin as our master, the only possible outcome is death, and if we choose God as our master, the only possible outcome is eternal life in Christ Jesus.  (Vs. 23)  Before we were saved, sin was our master.  We were enslaved by the guilt and condemnation of our sinful thoughts, words, and actions.  When we chose to follow Christ and “wholeheartedly obey” Him (Vs. 17), we were freed from the chains of slavery to sin and became enslaved by righteousness.

Many people like to believe that there is a third option here.  They do not like the idea of being a slave to sin, but they also do not like the idea of being a slave to God.  These are the same people who claim there is no God, or believe they can get to Heaven with their works, or think that Jesus was a “good man” but not the Son of God.  They like to believe that there is a middle ground between these two options – a place where they can sometimes choose God and other times choose sin.  The simple fact, however, is that we only have two choices.  There is no middle ground and there is no way to be neutral about this topic.  We must choose to serve either God or sin.  Just like Ms. Wilson, we must realize that we cannot choose to serve both masters.  My question for each of you today is a simple one – who is your master going to be?  Will you choose God, or will you choose sin?

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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