The Power of Companionship

Daily Bible Reading – Ecclesiastes 4-6; Psalm 18; Ephesians 3

Today’s Key Passage – Ecclesiastes 4:7-12


When I was a child, I remember watching episodes of The Lone Ranger on television with my Dad.  I enjoyed that show as a kid and had the action figures that I would play with.  There were even times that I would pretend that my bicycle was Silver, the faithful horse of the Lone Ranger.  The funny thing about that show, though, is that despite the fact that the main character was called the Lone Ranger, he was never actually alone.  Standing by his side through thick and thin, was his faithful sidekick Tonto.  When the Lone Ranger had a job to do, he did not try to go it alone.  He always had Tonto there to help him.  In today’s key passage, Solomon talks about something that he saw that was “meaningless under the sun”. (Vs. 7)  He describes a man who is all alone, with “neither son nor brother”, who is unable to find contentment in his life. (Vs.  8)  Solomon then extols the power of companionship.  When two or more work together, they produce more. (Vs. 9)  When one man falls, another can pick him back up. (Vs. 10)  Without someone to share this life with, we live a cold existence, but when others are present, we add “fire” to our lives. (Vs. 11)  When one man is attacked, he is likely to be overpowered but when two or more stand together, they can defend themselves. (Vs. 12)

Many people today try to walk the Christian life alone.  They believe that as long as they read their Bibles and spend time in prayer, they will not be missing out on anything.  In truth, God wants so much more for us than that.  This life on earth is designed for companionship.  It is designed for intimacy with others.  It is designed for love.  As much as we may try, we cannot fully realize God’s potential for us in the absence of relationships.  For people with introverted personalities, this can be a real challenge.  There are many people who simply do not feel comfortable surrounded by other people.  In other cases, past hurts or slights can cause some people to shut down emotionally and distrust others.  No matter what reasons a person has to prefer isolation over companionship, God has the power to help us overcome it.  God can fill our hearts with love for others.  He can help us step out in faith and overcome an introverted personality.  God can heal past hurts and allow us to open our hearts to others.  All we have to do is ask Him for His help, and He is able to do, “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think”. (Ephesians 3:20)  Do not try to live out your faith in isolation.  All of us need companions.  Even if you are more comfortable living as the Lone Ranger, everyone needs a Tonto.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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