The Purpose of Prophecy

Daily Bible Reading – Micah 5-7; Hebrews 7

Today’s Key Passage – Micah 5:1-5


There are many prophets in the Bible.  Some prophets were sent by God to call the people to repentance.  Others were sent by God to prepare the way for the Messiah.  Though the prophets in the Bible were sent by God at different times to speak to different groups of people for different reasons, they were all sent by God for a single purpose.  The purpose of prophecy is not just to predict the future or to make the prophets credible.  While prophecy certainly did these things in the Bible, the purpose behind it is something much greater.  The purpose of prophecy is to give people hope.  Prophecy gives us hope as we learn about God’s ultimate plans for us, and gives us hope as we learn more about Jesus Christ.

In today’s key passage, the prophet Micah provides us with one of the clearest prophecies in the Old Testament of the coming of Christ.  He began by saying that the ruler of Israel would be struck down by enemies. (Vs. 1)  Most likely, Micah was talking about King Zedekiah who was the last king in David’s lineage to rule before Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem.  Micah went on to say that a new King would be born in Bethlehem. (Vs. 2)  This King would be, “from of old, from ancient times” (Vs. 2) meaning that the King who was coming had been alive forever and was present at creation.  Micah continued by saying, “He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God. “ (Vs. 4)  Of course, we all know this King Micah is talking about is the Messiah who, though eternal, was born into human history in Bethlehem as the man, Jesus Christ.  We also know that Jesus will one day rule over everyone and everything when, “his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth.  And he will be their peace.” (Vss. 4-5)

To truly realize the hope that lies in prophecy, we have to trust God in two ways.  First, we have to trust that God never lies.  What He says He will do is what He will do.  Secondly, we have to trust that God will not change his mind.  God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He will not change or alter His plans.  The entirety of the Bible points to God’s plan for this life.  God’s plan calls for His Son, Jesus Christ, to be born in Bethlehem as a man and to live a perfect life.  God’s plan calls for Jesus to die on the cross as the perfect, once and for all sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins.  God’s plan calls for all of us to be reconciled to Him through faith in Christ.  Finally, God’s plan calls for Jesus to rule over everything and everyone and for Him to bring us eternal peace.  I am not sure about you, but I cannot imagine anything bringing more hope than God’s plan!  If you are looking for hope in this life, it can be found right there in your Bible.  In can be found in the prophecies of God.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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