Taking Care of the Details

Daily Bible Reading – Genesis 6-8; Luke 3

Today’s Key Passage – Genesis 6:9 – 7:5


The story of Noah can be viewed in a couple different ways.  In one sense, it is a tragic story of the effects sin has on people.  Because of the sin present in the world, “the earth was corrupt in God’s sight”. (6:11)  God was filled with sorrow that the people of the world had chosen sin instead of following Him.  In another sense, the story of Noah is a story of unbridled faith.  Scripture tells us that Noah was a righteous man who walked with God.  Imagine for a second that you are Noah.  You are living your life, trying to follow God to the best of your ability.  One day God approaches you and tells you He wants you to build a boat.  More specifically, He wants you to build a boat that is approximately the length of one and a half football fields and is as tall as a four-story building.  In addition, once the boat is built, God wants you to gather up a male and a female of every type of bird, animal, and creature on earth and get them into the boat before the flood comes to destroy everything.  As a relatively analytical type of person, I can imagine that I would have many questions in my mind if I were in Noah’s shoes.  Where am I going to get all of this wood to build the boat?  Where am I going to build something this big?  How am I going to build something this big without the use of modern industrial equipment such as cranes?  Assuming I can even build this boat, how am I going to gather up all of the animals?  If I can gather the animals, how am I going to get them all on the boat?  How much food should I bring for the animals and myself?  As I think about all the details of this assignment from God, the list of questions in my mind is boggling.  Amazingly, though, when we read the story of Noah, we do not see any of these questions from him.  We do not read about him questioning the details.  We do not read about any trouble he had making any of this happen.  Instead, we simply see that, “Noah did everything just as God commanded him”. (6:22)  That, my friends, is faith.  Noah could have gotten mired in the details of this enormous undertaking, but instead, he simply focused on doing his part.  Noah did not worry about where the wood was going to come from or how he was going to gather the animals.  He simply focused on the task that God had given him to do – building the ark.

Many times, we all have the tendency to worry about the details.  We fixate on things that are beyond our control while we neglect areas that are under our control, such as how we act towards others and how we handle our responsibilities.  Like Noah, we do not have to worry about all the details in life.  In the simplest terms, our job is to do what God has given us to do.  We should be open to His direction and follow Him wherever He leads.  As for all the details – leave them to God.  He will take care of the details, and He will take care of you.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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