Overflowing Generosity

Daily Bible Reading – Exodus 35,36; Acts 10

Today’s Key Passage – Exodus 35:4 – 36:7


God had given Moses very specific instructions for building the Tent of Meeting (also called the Tabernacle).  It was a huge job, and obviously not one that Moses could complete all alone.  After he received his instructions from God, Moses went back to the Israelites and told them all about the tabernacle.  He told the people that everyone who was willing should bring an offering to help build the tabernacle.  Some people brought their possessions – gold, silver, bronze, yarn, fine linen, goat hair, skins and hides, wood, oil, spices, and gems.  Other people brought their time and their talents.  All of the people who gave, though, shared a common trait.  They gave from the heart out of their own free will.  God did not demand that these people give of their time, possessions, and talent and neither did Moses.  Instead, God only invited the people who wanted to give to participate in the building of the tabernacle.  The people gave because they knew how important their giving was going to be – after all, they were building God’s house.  In the end, the Israelites gave so much that Moses had to ask them politely to stop.  The people had gone above and beyond what was needed to build the tabernacle.  That, my friends, is overflowing generosity.

This is the type of giving that God wants from us.  He does not want us to give because we think we have to, and He does not want us to give with bitterness in our hearts.  God is looking for us to give because we want to do it.  He wants us to find ways to be generous with our time, possessions, and talents to the point of overflowing.  He wants us to give because we know how important our giving can be.  When we give to the church, we are helping to build God’s house.  When we give to missionaries, we are helping to spread the Gospel.  When we give to the needy, we are helping to make their lives a little bit better.  All of these activities should pull on our hearts.  We should give because we want so badly to help in these areas that we cannot help but give.  What has God put on your heart?  Where in your life has He asked you to give if you are willing?  How will you answer that call?  Imagine what would happen if every follower of Christ gave with the same overflowing generosity as the Israelites in this story.  What could we as the body of Christ accomplish if we all gave more than what was needed?  I believe that this type of overflowing generosity would change the world, and we can begin that process one person at a time.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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