Kissing, lycra, and praying with your wife.

This is a great post by one of my pastors with practical advice for men on leading in the home and praying for and with their wives.

“I felt so nervous, like when I kissed her for the first time.” I’ll never forget that comment from a guy in my Small Group as he talked about praying with his wife for the first time. I’ve led many men’s groups, pastor a lot of men, strong men, courageous men, but almost all are scared to pray with their wives. Scared of that look, or laugh of rejection. “You? Pray? Ha!”

It reminds me of when I started doing triathlons and made the jump to lycra biking shorts. I put them and pushed into the pain as I walked out to show my wife. Maybe she would say, “Wow those look good on you.” Or, “You look like a UFC fighter in those.” Nope. She laughed. Yep, that’s what I was expecting. Already pretty insecure honey, thanks for the encouragement.

Laughter. Shock. Rejection. That’s what men are bracing themselves…

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