A Childlike Faith

Daily Bible Reading – Numbers 32,33; Mark 10

Today’s Key Passage – Mark 10:13-16

Today’s reading was filled with many great stories, which made it very difficult for me to pick just one to write about.  I could have written about the warnings God gave Moses about driving out the Canaanites completely so as not to be corrupted (much like we should drive out all of our past sinfulness at conversion so as not to be corrupted), or I could have written about Jesus’ teachings on marriage and divorce or on serving others.  I almost chose to write about Jesus healing the blind beggar, who, though he had never actually seen Jesus or any of His miracles, still believed that Jesus was the Messiah.  In the end, though, I just kept coming back to today’s key passage and ultimately one key verse in which Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  It sounds like an easy thing to do, right?  Receive the kingdom of God like a little child.  That should not be too tough, but when we really examine what Jesus meant by this statement, we quickly realize that this might be a little bit more difficult than we first thought.

When I think about what it means to be childlike (in this context anyway), I mainly think about two characteristics.  The first characteristic of a child is their dependence.  Children would not go very far without their parents or some other type of guardian.  Without a guardian, how would the child be fed?  Where would the child get clothes?  How would the child get around?  Children are totally dependent on their guardians in every way.  More importantly, not only are children dependent on others, they KNOW that they are dependent on others.  Aside from a few “Home Alone” inspired fantasies, most children know that they need help.  They know they need someone else to provide them food, shelter, and comfort.  Even if they do not consciously think about it, they still know it to be true.  To truly have a childlike faith, we need to mirror this type of dependence, and therein lies the problem.  Sometimes it is hard for us to want to give up our independence.  We live in a world where everyone seems to strive for complete independence, yet Jesus was telling his followers that they should be totally dependent on God.  When we depend on God to provide for our needs instead of trying to do everything ourselves, our faith in Him grows.  When we try to break free and seek our own independence, we run into problems.  Just like children, we have to depend on God, and we also have to KNOW that we depend on God.  If not, we will start to run into issues with pride and idolatry.  To truly have a childlike faith, we must realize that we are completely dependent on God and that we are simply following Him wherever He leads.

The second characteristic of a child is trust.  Very young children trust most people as they have not been jaded by life experiences yet, and young children trust their parents or guardians without question and without exception.  At a certain point, of course, that level of trust starts to erode as children face disappointments or strife, but initially the level of trust a child has for their guardian is implicit.  This is the level of trust we should have for our Father in Heaven.  Just like a small child, we should not question that He is watching out for us.  We should not question that He loves us.  We should not question that God has plans for us – good plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  The problem, though, is that most of us have gone through so many different bad experiences along the way that we have trouble trusting anyone completely.  We tend to let this distrust of people flow over and we end up being distrustful of God.  We wonder why He is not moving fast enough for us.  We wonder if He has heard our prayers and if He is acting on our behalf.  We wonder if He will deliver for us.  The simple truth is that He will!  He will do everything He has said He will do.  He will never hurt you.  He will never lie to you.  He will never forsake you.  He loves you more than you can possibly imagine.  Embrace that love and trust Him completely, as an infant trusts his mother, and wait to see how He blesses your life.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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