The Snowball Effect of Sin

Daily Bible Reading – 2 Samuel 11,12; Psalm 51; Matthew 23

Today’s Key Passage – 2 Samuel 11:1-27


The life of King David is well chronicled in the Bible.  He was truly a man after God’s heart, and he lived much of his life to please his master.  Though the perfect Messiah, Jesus Christ, would later come from David’s bloodline, King David himself was not perfect.  He sinned on many occasions, and perhaps his greatest sin is captured in today’s key passage.

Have you ever seen a snowball rolling down a hill?  As it continues down a hill, a small snowball will continue to pick up more and more snow and will eventually become huge.  Most of the time, sin works the exact same way.  David’s greatest sin began quite innocently.  It all began with the sin of laziness.  It was spring, which was the time when kings would traditionally go off to war, but David decided that he would stay in Jerusalem and send Joab out instead.  One night, David was walking around on his roof and saw a beautiful woman named Bathsheba taking a bath.  Her beauty tempted David, and instead of turning away from that temptation, he inquired about her.  He had Bathsheba brought to his palace, and he committed adultery with her.  This in itself was bad enough, as everyone including David knows that adultery is a sin, and if this was the end of the story that would be one thing.  Sadly, David’s sin only gets worse.

Shortly after sleeping with Bathsheba, she sent word back to David that she was pregnant, so David tried to think of a way to hide his sin.  First, he sent word to Joab to send Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, back from the war.  David was hoping that Uriah would go home and sleep with his wife so her pregnancy could be attributed to him, but Uriah refused to go home while his friends were still fighting a battle.  Since Uriah would not cooperate with David’s plan, David told Joab to put Uriah at the front lines of the war so that he would be killed in battle.

The consequences of David’s sin were far-reaching.  Some of the consequences, such as Uriah’s death, were immediate.  Other consequences, such as the death of his son, the turmoil in his family, and the national rebellion against him would come later.  It is interesting to note, however, that all of this started with the single, seemingly innocent sin of laziness.  If David had fulfilled his duty as king and gone to war, none of these consequences would have happened.  David had many chances along to way to stop sinning and turn back to God, but each time he instead decided to sin further, making the situation infinitely worse each time.  Never believe the lie that there is “innocent” sin.  Never believe the lie that one little sin is not going to hurt anyone.  You never know where that one little sin is going to lead, and you never know who is going to get hurt.  At the first sight of sin, it is important that we recognize it, confess it to God, and repent.  Anything less can lead to dire consequences.  Anything less can eventually snowball out of control.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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