Remaining Watchful for Jesus’ Return

Daily Bible Reading – 2 Samuel 13, 14; Matthew 24

Today’s Key Passage – Matthew 24:36-51


Have you ever sold a house?  If you have, you know that the process can be challenging, particularly when it comes to showing your house to perspective buyers.  One of the ways you can go about this is to schedule an open house.  Using this method, the homeowner can choose a date and time when buyers can come and look at the house at their own pace.  An open house is a good option for many homeowners because it is a scheduled event.  The owner has time to clean the house and make sure it looks its best.  He or she can ensure that all of the furniture is in order, that the kids’ toys are put away, and that the closets are clean.  Not all perspective buyers, however, view a home during an open house.  More often than not, buyers view the house on their own schedule with the help of a real estate agent.  When this happens, the homeowner can get very little warning that someone is coming to view the house, so they have to make sure the house is always in order.  This is one of the things that make listing a house for sale so challenging, because you always have to be prepared for a buyer to walk in at any moment.  In today’s key passage, we learn that Jesus return will occur in much the same way.

The disciples asked Jesus when he would return to the world at the end of the age.  Like a homeowner scheduling an open house, the disciples wanted to know exactly when this event would occur so that they would be able to prepare.  Jesus, however, would not give them an exact date or time for His return.  Instead, he told them to remain watchful.  Like an owner with a house on the market, Jesus wanted the disciples (and us) to always be prepared for His coming.  Jesus reminded the disciples about how the world was in the days of Noah.  People were living their lives and going about their normal routines never knowing that a great flood was coming to wash them all away.  Noah, of course, knew all about the flood and he spent a great deal of time getting prepared.  He built the ark and filled it with animals in preparation for God’s coming judgment, while everyone else lived their lives oblivious to the event until the rains actually started.  When the rains did come, no one had any time to make any last minute preparations to try to save themselves.  Because they had not prepared, they were lost to the flood.  Likewise, when Jesus returns on that great day of judgment, no one will have any opportunity for last minute preparations.  He will come “at an hour when you do not expect Him.” (Vs. 44)

People today still try to predict when Jesus will return, but the simple fact is that no one really knows for sure.  Unlike the people in Noah’s day who had no idea that a flood was coming, though, we do know for a fact that Jesus will return.  We know from Scripture that there will be a day of judgment for every person in this world.  While we do not know when that will happen, we do know how to prepare.  We can live every day as if it were “that day”.  We can choose to turn to Him now.  We can choose to follow Him now.  We can choose to walk in His ways and live our lives for Him now.  When we do that, we never have to be worried about being caught off-guard by His return.  When we remain watchful every day, we will always be prepared.

During your Bible reading today, what “key passages” stood out to you?  Leave a comment below to share what God is showing you about His Word today.

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May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.


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